Photocopying, Printing, Finishing and Graphic Design facilities.

Document Production


You need one copy or a hundred thousand copies? No problem. We have the right machines to handle your specific jobs. Some support stores can produce a good quality print from a computer file, but only newer digital copiers have the ability to optimize image quality from a wide variety of originals. Our state-of-the-art machines process text, graphics, and half-tone photographs, all to your exacting specification. They can easily handle these tasks and are capable of manipulating your document to give you the desired result, no compromises.


Colour is a great way to get your message across. Studies have shown that colour can enhance learning and recall by as much as 70%. With so much paper distributed in modern business, you need to make yours stand out. Colour is an inexpensive way to distinguish your work from the competition. We'll make sure it does.

Printing directly from your file in colour enables you to receive 100% of the original quality every print. A colour copy of a good quality print enables you to receive only 75% of the original quality. The interest and visual impact we can instill in your documents through colour printing is amazing.

You have to get it right. With our quality printing technology, we'll give your company documents that professional appearance and quality finish.

We can print and bind your document in our offices in London City Center, few steps away from Holborn and Covent Garden and we could deliver them with quick turnaround directly to your office, hotel, house, school!