Design Site Canva

If you are struggling with making your designs ready for print and don’t have the required programs to add bleed or be able to make your document the correct size have a look a a new free website that can help you  

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700 gsm Business cards printed within the hour

Are you are looking to make a great impression with your business card or do wish to print your invitations onto something other than the standard 300gsm card ? If so then we have a solution for you a new 700gsm matt card . The new 700gsm card can be used for digital printing which […]

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Business cards in one hour

Have you got an important meeting coming up ,only to discover that you have run out of business cards ? if so why not take advantage of our one hour business card service . We can print you 50 full colour business cards from £30.00 Simply E-mails us your design and pop into collect your […]

Dewey Bookmarks – The right free solution for your bookmarks!

We were struggling trying to find the right piece of software to organise our bookmarks when someone said… “Maybe you are looking for this Chrome extension?” and yes was what we were looking for!!! Dewey is nothing more than your bookmarks put in a nice way, easy to locate with big thumbnails and the possibility […]

Free Photoshop Alternative – Gimpshop

We all know that professional softwares are expensive but is not all true… If you need a free completely legal alternative at the most famous Photoshop, Gimpshop is all you need! We would give you a full review but unless you are a professional designer you won’t need to know any minimal detail but all […]