Dewey Bookmarks – The right free solution for your bookmarks!

We were struggling trying to find the right piece of software to organise our bookmarks when someone said… “Maybe you are looking for this Chrome extension?” and yes was what we were looking for!!! Dewey is nothing more than your bookmarks put in a nice way, easy to locate with big thumbnails and the possibility […]

Great print offers available in September  from London City Print

A4 & A5 Full Colour Booklets  printed and Stiched on a 130gsm Silk stock: 250 8 page A5 booklets printed and saddle stiched £240.00 250 8 page A4 booklets printed and saddle stiched £310.00 500 8 page A5  booklets printed and saddle stiched £255.00 500 8 page A4  booklets printed and saddle stiched £350.00 1000 8 page A5 booklets printed and saddle stiched £284.00 1000 8 page A4 booklets printed and saddle stiched £440.00 A4 Calenders (13 […]

Difference between RGB and CMYK – Graphic Design for Beginners “The Guide”

After our article talking about different kind of binding and the different folds, we want to help you to understand what are the most common way to fold your projects (brochures, leaflets, poster, ecc.) We want to thanks again Designers Insight where we took this article. A color model is a system for creating a full range of colours from […]

How to fold your project – Graphic Design for Beginners “The Guide”

After our article talking about different kind of binding, we want to help you to understand what are the most common way to fold your projects (brochures, leaflets, poster, ecc.) We want to thanks again Designers Insight where we took this article. Using folds creatively is critical to your design concepts. Folds lay down the […]

London City Print installs Ricoh Pro C5100S to target new markets

Thanks to PrintWeek for the article. London City Print (LCP) has invested in a Ricoh Pro C5100S digital press, which it said would help it keep up with its rapidly growing customer base and introduce new products. Ricoh Pro C5100S It allows us to print different sheet size said Matthews “It allows us to print […]

Choose the right Binding Type

The type of binding is usually selected based on the function of the document, the number of pages it contains and the printing budget. Strangely, esthetics are usually considered last in the decision-making, unless quality is a priority and budget is not a factor, or the binding itself is part of the conceptual design. Saddle […]

What is the difference between digital and litho printing?

This is a quite common question and the answer is more than easy. Every time someone asks you if you need to print your project litho or digital ask yourself how many copies you need. Usually Digital Printing is more suitable for shorter runs and Litho for longer runs. The difference in terms of printers is not something […]

Free Stock Images Commercial Use – London City Print

Any time you start a new project you should remember that the photos around the web are not all free to use and if you do it you could have some troubles. There are some website were you could buy some photos and they aren’t actually very expensive but still, if is just for few photos […]

An ashtag to help you with your documents or design #LCPhelp

After the last post talking about our new free service the Free Design Guide for Beginners, today we want to introduce you a completely new way for us to help you out with your different office problems. How many time your boss asked you to create a new brochure or business card… don’t look any further!!! Use […]